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TOMED is a privately owned company operating in the field of electrical engineering. Since being established in 1993, the firm has been steadily growing ever since, having successfully completed a large number of contracts. Over the years we have specialized in airport and aviation infrastructure.  Most notably, we have been heavily involved in the development of Katowice Airport. We have also participated in the construction, modernization, and development of Warszawa-Modlin Airport, Krakow Airport, Wroclaw Airport and Rzeszow Airport.

We have successfully completed large scale and complex projects including: aircraft approach systems; air navigation systems; runway, taxiway and apron navigational lighting, aviation meteorological systems, air traffic control towers, cargo and passenger terminals.

At Katowice Airport we carried out electrical and teletechnical construction and assembly works within several major projects: construction of an entirely new runway; ILS CATII approach, runway, and taxiway lighting; precision approach path indicator (PAPI); airport vertical signs; new mains supply and sub-stations. We were also responsible for a wide range of electrical works in the new passenger terminal: general and emergency lighting; UPS systems; voice and data installations.

At Krakow Airport we participated in the extensive reconstruction of taxiways together with the construction of new aprons and PAPI. Other works included: upgrading navigational lights to CATII; development of a new lighting control system; airport vertical signs; Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS).

At Modlin Airport we realized several tasks within our field of expertise: new CATII runway, taxiway and approach lighting; PAPI and vertical signs.

We know that the ultimate success requires systematic management support, control of performed tasks and employee dedication. Our team has the competence and practical knowledge necessary to complete objectives in the most professional and timely manner. Our licensed site managers who benefit from a lifetime of experience in oversight, guarantee only the highest standards. Also, what is of equal importance to us, is that all our employees conform and adhere to the strict requirements of airport safety and security. 

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